Select Incident Type
There are several different incident types that can be entered using the internet. Please select one from the list below and continue. If the incident you are reporting has a known suspect, you should instead call us at 519-631-1224.
SelectIncident TypeDefinitionExample
Lost Property (Under $5,000)When property is missing or lost. This does NOT include lost vehicles, licence plates, passports, SIN or other Canadian Federal Government documents.Lost keys, cell phone, wallet, leaving items in a restaurant.
Mischief/Damage to Property (Under $5,000)Damage or destruction of your property.Graffiti or defacing property, breaking windows or lawn ornaments, etc.
Mischief/Damage to Vehicle (Under $5,000)Damage has been caused to your vehicle. NOTE: This does NOT include damage you believe was caused by another vehicle.Scratching/keying, breaking window(s) or light(s), denting, slashing tire(s), etc.
Theft (Under $5,000)Your property was taken without your permission. NOTE: If the item was stolen from your vehicle use Theft from Vehicle option.Items known to be stolen and missing from your yard or porch; your bicycle at school; your purse at a public function. Lost property is NOT a theft.
Theft from Vehicle (Under $5,000)Property is stolen from your personal or business vehicle.Your vehicle has been entered without your permission and items that were inside were taken.
Gas Drive-OffA customer drives away from a gas station without paying.A customer attempts to pay and the payment does not go through. If there is NO obvious attempt to make payment call police to initiate a criminal investigation.